Friday, January 28, 2005

Slide On Down... With The Javascript Menus

I received an email asking me how to create a CSS menu that has buttons that when clicked slide down to reveal additional choices and do not load the additional choice has been clicked. If you click on another category the first set of aditional choices would close and the new set of additional choice would appear.

I didn't know exactly how to to this, however I did know where to start looking to find a tutorial or a bit of sample code that would explain how to do what I wanted.

Here's a great site with many different menu and navigation effects

When you click on the different links, you'll go to a page that has a demo to see each effect. Also you'll find the code which can be copied and pasted or click the link to download a zip file, plus you will receive all the instructions needed to install and modify the script.

Other interesting Javascript repositories:


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