Saturday, January 22, 2005

Using Phone to Record Podcasts

I'm really new to podcasting, in fact, I'm looking for a hosting solution in order to post my podcasts. (When I find one I will let you all know.) This title really struck me as I didn't know that you could simply phone in a podcast. I thought that you'd have to record it, then post it, not just phone it in.

Here are some interesting sites that you can check out.

Here's the title along with a link:

How does one setup a phone number that will enable people to call and leave MP3 recordings that you can then use in your show?

Ritchie Carey's Weblog and Podcast

You can setup a free voicemail number with K7 (like mine below) and incoming voice messages will then be sent to you as a .wav file which you can import into your audio software.

Just get an 800 number with voicemail. Then you can go in and retrieve them while recording. The best device I've seen for recording telephone signals is the Telos One:

Here is a cheaper hybrid one that is perfect for just recording the other side when you're not talking.

A really interesting Podcasting Setup

Microphone Recommendations - Maybe something like this? Adrian Bacon (Linux Log)" Or maybe one of these? Or this?

All things considered, you'd definitely be better off going with a noise cancelling microphone, and try to get it as close to your mouth as possible with out actually breathing on it to get as high of a signal to noise ratio as you can. That combined with the noise cancelling aspects of the mic might keep the car noise down to a relative minimum.

This is what I use for portable recording. Totally rocks!! and lastly: Podcast Review


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