Saturday, February 12, 2005

Email Links, CC's and BCC's

To use multiple E-mail addresses separate the emails with a semicolon:
e.g. a href=";"

To add a subject:
e.g. a href=" blah blah"

To add some body text:
e.g. a href=" blah blah..."

To carbon copy somebody (CC):
e.g. a href=""

To blind carbon copy somebody (BCC):
e.g. a href=""

You can also use a multiple of these functions by separating them with an ampersand (&)
e.g. a href=" blah blah&"

Now that I've explained how to do this, I'm going to tell you not to do it.

There are a couple of things wrong with this method. First, it requires anyone who wants to contact you to fire up their email client. This is an undue burden on your users and it takes time to load the software on their end or configure it if it is not already properly set up.

Second, it's a spammers dream come true. Anytime you put an email address in a mailto: format, on a publicly viewable web page, you're just begging for spam. That address will be harvested, used by spammers, and then sold and resold and so on and so on.

Use a form! I don't know what kind of hosting you're using but the NMS Formmail forms are a good place to start:


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