Friday, February 18, 2005

Site Metaphor and Graphic Style...Huh???

Here is an interesting email that I saw and I thought that I would post it for all of you to see.

what is a site metaphor and what is graphic style considered?

I would really like to know in order to get a better grade in my Dreamweaver class. One of the projects I'm working on in our book asks us to study several museum western art sites and then explain what the site metaphor and the graphic style were for each. I'm clueless as to what these terms mean and I though maybe you all could help me.

These are some of those esoteric terms thrown around in academia because everything has to have some fancy name. Some sites use a "site metaphor" to get their point across. For example, an art museum site might set itself up to look like an actual museum, with an overly important entrance area, sections of the site described with wording like "gallery" and "museum shop", and pictures displayed in fancy-looking frames. Basically, they are using the metaphor of the art museum to say, "Look, we're an art museum aren't we cheeky and creative."

It's sort of like going to a restaurant that wants to present itself as old-fashioned, so they hang light fixtures that look like torches and do their menu up to look like an old newspaper or something. It's okay if it works, but it's really easy to go overboard.

The graphic style is tougher. I'm guessing that the it is not only the the use of colors and images on the site, but it's placing those colors and images into the correct context. For example, if the site methaphor indicated castle from the middle ages, if the images indicated space ship or had a metal feel to them, you would not be very receptive to them. So try to choose colors and create images that help integrate the overall idea that you are trying to convey with the site.


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