Saturday, February 19, 2005

Web Design Tip of the Moment

I had seen the following question posted online recently and I thought that I would post it and also post my thoughts too. Here's the question: I have an idea for a logo design and merchandise for posting online and I would like tips or pointers on how to configure it.

The logo that you are planning on posting should represent either your or your client's identity. Sinse you haven't mentioned the merchandise, it would be best if you would think of a common thread between the logo and the merchandise. You can start by sketching ideas out on paper, once you have a design that you are confident meets the goal of commonality, you can then go to Fireworks, Photoshop or any other graphics program and begin to convert your design to reality.

One thing to keep in mind, the logo on the web site, the theme of the web site, the meaning of its colors and layout should be designed around the logo to compliment it and your merchandise.


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