Saturday, March 12, 2005

Image Manipulation in Fireworks MX 2004

Is there a way to reduce the size of a picture? I have a pixel resize program but I don't like what it does to my graphics. Can I resize pictures in Fireworks too. Is there a way to do this and make the pictures still look good?

Assuming you use Fireworks MX, though its probably the same in prior versions.

To reduce a picture to the exact size that you want, simply :

Open your image in Fireworks
Then go up to the top menu "modify", scroll down to "transform", and then scroll down to "numeric transform", and then type in either the height or the width percent reduction that you want.

Example: I always use height, so that my pictures are typically consistent in height, regardless of how wide they are.

Make sure that you have both "scale" and "constrain" checked when you do this.

Just experiment, say you have an image that is 1200 pixels tall, and you know that your final image you want to be 200 pixels tall. then type in 16.65% in the height box (leaving the width box untouched). See if it shows exactly 199 pixels. If it does then click okay. If not than try again. (For some reason it always adds one pixel after I click okay so I always choose a final height that is one pixel shorter than I want). Click okay and you should be able continue with a high quality smaller image.


Just grab the lower right corner of the image, hold down the shift key, and drag diagonally towards the left upper corner. That will resize it with little or no loss.


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