Sunday, March 27, 2005

Photoshop Questions and Answers

1. I recently scanned in some hand lettering into Photoshop just to play around on backgrounds at 150 dpi...

It is a fuzzy and wanted to sharpen the image and wanted to know if it could somehow be sharpened without rescanning at a larger dpi.

2. When I distort and image through transform images, right now in 6.0 I can take a handle on the middle and sides and distort. I'm wondering if the newer programs have a feature where you can distort even more by clicking on the direct image and tugging out to get even more fine tuned. I'm looking to distort and curve images with more precision.

1. The problem you have is that you have created whats called a rasterized image. In brief it means your lettering is now an image. Hence, any changes you make, like changing the size, will create a poor image quality. I don't know what process you recall can do this, except for using a sharpening filter or sharpening technique, but I don't think that will get you want you want.

2. The new CS2 has a great tool for this. You can do it in CS as well. Does Photoshop 6 have "Free Transform"? There is a technique using Paths that will allow you to more precisely curve things. I'm not sure what or how you want to curve something, but you can also use the displace filter. Then there is also the Liquify tool, but again not sure if that was in PS6, I think it is. You can really go crazy with distorting images with that.

I'd Google on those and see if any of them are what your looking for.


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