Monday, April 25, 2005

CFFILE Upload Email Attachment

Quesiton: I'm trying to allow users to attach their resumes' to emails sent to my clients' home office. I'm using the following code if CFMX:

<cfmail type="html" to="" from="" subject="Resume from #form.fullname#" mimeattach="#form.resumeattach#">

--->body of email goes here


I've also tried using <cfmailparm file="#form.resumeattach#"> instead of the mimeattach attribute.

Both attemps fail, stating that the resource file specified in form.resumeattach cannot be found, although the full file name was populated via the calling form (<input name="resumeattach" type="file">). Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I'm tapped out!!

Answer: I think you actually have to do a CFFILE action="upload" and then use that file. Using the form field just gives you a temp file.


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