Monday, May 09, 2005

Dragging & Dropping Photos

I'm trying to drag one photo onto another one. My Background is 8.25 x 10.75 and my second picture/layer I have at 3x2.64, but when I'm dragging it over the other picture it's taking up way more space than that.

What am I doing wrong? And isn't there a way to get handles to readjust the size of the layer or something? Can someone please help me before I totally stress out? And also, how do I "fade" my background picture?

What you're experiencing is due to the images having different PPI numbers. One may be 300 the other 72. They need to be the same. Here's what I suggest.

Start with a New file and size it to the final print size at the appropriate PPI. Most common is 300 PPI. Make the background white. You can drop in a new color layer if you want the final ad to have a Blue background or something else.

Open your image files and go to Image Size. Set them for 300 PP. You may need to resize after that in order to get them to drop into the ad at a specific print size.

For each image, Select All (Ctrl-A) Copy (Ctrl-C) and then Paste (Ctrl-V) into your new doc. Each image will come in on it's own layer and you can manipulate them easily. To fade one, set the Opacity to 50% or whatever you want. To resize an image set it's Layer active and use Transform (Ctrl-T).

Starting with a new, blank document will give you the best result instead of just stacking images.


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