Sunday, May 08, 2005

Rotating A Picture And Getting Rid Of The White/Checkered Background

When I rotate a picture - 45 degrees and there is the checkered background where the original picture used to be, how do I get rid of that so when I print my picture it is rotated, but the white or checkered background is not there?

Sounds like you want to place your picture on an layout. The simplest was to do this is to open both your layout and your photo.

Goto the photo window and press Ctrl+A (Select all) then Ctrl+C (Copy).
Next goto your layout window and press Ctrl+V(Paste).

This automatically drops your picture in the center of your layout.

Next click on your Move tool on your toolbar.

You photo should now have a resizing border.

Move your cursor to one of the corners and adjust it there until you get a curved double arrow. Click down and rotate manually.

You should be able to resize and place your photo exactly where you want it.


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