Monday, June 06, 2005

Need Help With A Cascading Background (Part 1)

I would like to have a cascading background and I'm using Dreamweaver MX, how can I achieve this?
<li>Remove the background image you currently have.
<li>Go to the CSS Styles Panel (it should be in the top right corner of the screen, in the Design Panel Group.
<li>Click on the Add New Style button in the bottom right corner of the panel. It's the button with the little blue plus sign.
<li>From the center of the dialog box, choose the middle radio button that says "Tag", and then go to the top of the dialog box and select Body from the list of HTML tags. At the bottom, you'll need to decide whether you want this available to just this one page or to other pages by creating an external stylesheet. Either way, click Okay.
<li>In the next dialog box, click on Background over on the left. Browse to the image you want, and select "no-repeat" from the drop-down labelled Repeat.
<li>Click okay, and you're all set.


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