Friday, September 09, 2005

Learn Photoshop Via Podcasting (FREE)

Apple has just updated iTunes to 4.9 for Mac and Windows machines. iTunes now fully supports "podcasting". I have spent the last 2 days getting aquainted with Podcasting and am loving it. If you have an iPod you can listen daily to over 3,000 existing podcasts. You can find podcasts on virtually any subject. An iPod allows you to listen to these podcasts on the go. You can even listen and learn about photography and photoshop while you are out and about taking those photos! But, you do not need an iPod to take advantage of podcasting. Nor do you need to have a Mac. You can listen on your desktop or laptop computer.

I am putting together 2 new pages that cover Podcasting and iTunes 4.9. There is a special section devoted to Photography, Digital Photography and Photoshop. Interestingly there is already quite a few such podcasts. Don't let
"macpodcasts" scare you. There is pleanty here for Windows users as well.


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