Saturday, January 29, 2005

Yahoo -- What Are You Doing?

I think that this is important for all of us.

Yahoo is now using something called "Web Beacons" to track Yahoo Group users around the net and see what you're doing and where you are going - similar to cookies. Yahoo is recording every Web site and every group you visit. If you would like to opt out of their tracking system, follow this and link and follow the directions:

In the column on the left side, under the title of "Special Topics", click "cookies".

At the bottom of this new page you will see a link that says "Click here." Click that.

On that new page click the phrase "web beacon". That will bring you to a paragraph entitled "Outside the Yahoo Network."

In this section you'll see a little "click here to opt out" link. Click it.

Then STOP. What would normally be a confirmation button on the next page will opt you back in.

You might pass it on to other Yahoo groups you're a member of.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Slide On Down... With The Javascript Menus

I received an email asking me how to create a CSS menu that has buttons that when clicked slide down to reveal additional choices and do not load the additional choice has been clicked. If you click on another category the first set of aditional choices would close and the new set of additional choice would appear.

I didn't know exactly how to to this, however I did know where to start looking to find a tutorial or a bit of sample code that would explain how to do what I wanted.

Here's a great site with many different menu and navigation effects

When you click on the different links, you'll go to a page that has a demo to see each effect. Also you'll find the code which can be copied and pasted or click the link to download a zip file, plus you will receive all the instructions needed to install and modify the script.

Other interesting Javascript repositories:

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Edit This...

Is their a way to automatically convert .htm to .htm using Dreamweaver MX 2004?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that it is possible to reconfigure Dreamweaver MX to automatically use .html instead of .htm, although before going through all of the work to do it, I'd wonder a little bit why you want to. It doesn't matter which extension you use - they both work just fine. I would say that the key is keeping the extension to all of your files consistant. The server and the web browser will render both .htm and .html files in the same manner.

There are programs out there that will do batch file renaming, and if you really want to know how to get Dreamweaver MX to start using .html, you can obtain the software.


You can to edit one of Dreamweaver's configuration files. To do this, you need to find the MMDocumentTypes.xml file. In a default installation of Dreamweaver MX, it should be at:

C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver MX 2004\Configuration\DocumentTypes.

(If you have MX instead of MX 2004, the path will be the same, minus the 2004.)

Open this file in any text editor. I've heard that you shouldn't edit the file in Dreamweaver MX itself, but I've never had a problem doing that.

You're looking for a line that looks like this:

documenttype id="HTML" internaltype="HTML"
file="Default.html" writebyteordermark="false"

It should be about line 3. All you need to do is reverse the order of htm and html in the winfileextension attribute, so that it reads:


Save this file. If you had Dreamweaver MX open while you did this, close and restart Dreamweaver MX, relaunch the program and you should be all set.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What's My Worth?

I noticed this post on one of the many lists that I subscribe to:

I have a client, that sadly I have to take to court to get paid for a project that I did for him. Does anyone know of any "standard" pricing websites for Flash work? I would like to show up with a few articles or such stating the industry standards.

Try this site, it's a "Salary Search". Use the Drop Down menu to select a job title option. Then enter a state and click on Get Survey Results.

Here are some other links to Salary Search type sites.

If you use these links you should be able to answer that all important question, what am I worth? Probably more than you'd expected.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Photoshop: Block Downloading Images

Question: I need help in creating some type of a block on my images/graphics so that no one can copy and paste or save my images or graphics onto their computers?

Answer: There is no one block that works 100% or even 75% if someone really want to "steal" your graphics. The best system I have seen that does work is to overlay an image that says "proof" or "sample using more than one color gradation so it can't be easily removed. The overlay can have high transparency, just has to be "obvious". One person I know used to do this and the overlay said "This image stolen from xyz"

Also you can query for "no right click" or "Water mark".

The bottom line is that if you can see it on your screen you can copy it, period.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Some Interesting Things Have Poked Me In The Eye

You probably thought that I would say that some interesting things had caught my eye, well you were wrong. Anyway over the past couple of days, I've really become quite interested in Podcasting. For those of you who don't have a clue to what it is, you need to google the word podcast or podcasting and just get with it.

To put it simply, podcasting is a cross between mp3 (those files that play on the Apple Ipod or any other mp3 player for that matter) and broadcasting. Even more simply, it's like your own radio show. You create it, post it, and distribute it yourself.

Actually, while listening to WebTalkRadio tonite I came across a very interesting presentation on Web Talk Radio entitled Future of Media Online - EPIC 2014

If you are interested in where this medium is headed, this presentation may cause you to stop and ponder what you are seeing. It's a very interesting and thought provoking presentation presented in Flash. Personally, I thought that the message was interesting and I wonder how close the creators will be once 2014 is on the calendar.

Some of the other podcasts that I've started listening to:

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Found New Podcasts Today

Today I was surfing around the podcasting world and came accross some new shows.

If you have any that you would like to add to the list, add them in the comments.